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WRTH Web App


The WRTH 2024 Web App is a beautifully designed digital version of the book, with up-to-date content.

If you already are in the possession of the book, you can get the web app at an updated price of more than 50% the original price by signing up at app.radiodatacenter.net and following the prompt, or simply contact sales@radiodatacenter.com.

Our exclusive WRTH WebApp offers an immersive experience, granting you access to radio and TV contacts, streaming links, and comprehensive information about LW, MW (AM), SW, FM radio broadcasts, Digital Radio (DAB and HD), and national TV channels. Imagine unlocking the secrets of global transmissions, all at your fingertips. Staying in sync with the fast-paced broadcasting universe like never before.



The WRTH 2024 Web App is a beautifully designed digital version of the book.

What’s Inside:

  • Comprehensive Insights: Our 2024 edition unlocks the door to a world of radio broadcasts and broadcasters across a spectrum of frequencies, including LW, MW (AM), SW, FM, Digital Radio (HD and DAB), and national TV channels.
  • New Guardians: Guided by Radio Data Center GmbH, headquartered in Freising, Germany, the Handbook maintains its unmatched status as a treasure trove of information and insight into the ever-evolving radio landscape.
  • A Glimpse of Radio Culture: This edition shines a spotlight on radio culture in exotic destinations, offering vibrant portraits of how communities worldwide embrace radio as an integral part of their lives.
  • Cutting-Edge Equipment: Dive deep into the latest broadcasting equipment and technologies with our in-depth reviews of the TEF6686, Aaronia, Perseus22, and Airspy. Gain informed perspectives on these groundbreaking innovations.
  • Over 750 Pages of Enriched Data: Tailor-made for dedicated radio enthusiasts, our handbook provides a symphony of frequencies waiting to be explored.
  • Witness Evolution: Watch the magic of radio unfold as we venture into uncharted territories and peer into the future of shortwave broadcasting by major players.