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Frequently asked questions


You can order the book as well as our web app through our webshop RDC Webshop

Please write us at sales@radiodatacenter.com if you need to make changes to your order, or cancel it. Note your order number in the subject field.

It’s possible that an order gets canceled if the payment is pending, and doesn’t go through within a certain amount of time. Check your payment provider, and try to reorder with another payment method.


We sell and deliver our products worldwide.


Our orders go out to the warehouses at the beginning of every workday and are usually shipped the same or the next day.

No matter if it is a domestic or international order, as soon as the package is on its way with the carrier, you will receive an email with the tracking number. Check your spam folder as well.

This really depends on your shipping address. We have warehouses in Germany, the UK, and the USA, so it will be faster to deliver domestically to those countries, but we do choose carriers that are reliable and fast for international shipping. Our best advice is to wait for your tracking number, and then check the route of your package.


Soon our web app is live. Because registration for access to it is needed, the web app will only be available  through our webshop RDC Webshop

We will inform you through our newsletter when the web app becomes available, so make sure to register for it Newsletter

No, instead of the CD we created the web app, to give the possibility for continuous updates, and more features and flexibility in the future.


Yes, the web app will consist of the same content as the book, just in a digital version in which it will be easier to provide updates throughout the year.

No, for this year’s edition, our first one to publish, we decided to leave the station addresses out, to provide more in depth technical information. We will of course take our customer’s feedback into consideration for the next edition.

Yes, we will still provide you with the winter and summer schedule updates, on our website and through the web app.

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